Who we are

Dreamer, romantic and emotional, these are the three characteristics that put us together and that made us choose love-tales as our job.
We believe that working with love is the only way to make it well, therefore we decided to work in this field by moving away from the consolidated standards. We make it our way, in order to keep always loving our job without ever living it as an empty duty.

We know that our proposal is not for everyone, but we do not want to get rich, we just wish to do what we love in the way we like it. 

We met at photography school and since then we never left each other. Since 2013 we have been working side by side to create emotional and authentic memories.

Our Studio

Our headquarter is in Trastevere, in Viale Aurelio Saffi 11. We fell in love with our little space illuminated by a large window in the courtyard of an ancient Roman palace. Let’s call for a meeting and come to visit us, we will be happy to show you our works and, of course, offer you an Italian coffee!

PI. 12574811001

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